happy birthday dear jotta on your your 19th birthday

its been my pleasure watching this young man bloom to be as wonderful as he is on the 10th of October 1997 he was born so a few days ago jose antonio viana celebrated his birthday at his home town in brasil. what does the world has to say for he has been a wonderful gift it is amazing to see how this young and gifted yet humble a stylish boy and unique young man on stage so glad he has turn 19

he is quite a balanced personality at a young age he has managed to be one of the worlds distinct and successful and world renown singer. some might think of Justine biber this way but the truth is Jotta recorded his first album when he was 6. he aslo won the south american grammy awards with out forget that his special talent totally killed the competition at the TALENTOS KIDS competition.

He also has a lot of fans on his facebook pages and has been doing some humanitarian works in brasil and this year he traveled to london on the jotta europe tour. Jotta’s girl friend sarah must be very proud of this guy in fact she is also a great singer. more is expected as this young man is total in the “sonda me senhor ” mood all the time!


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