10 Reasons I Hate Pooplash

Arnab Chanda


Firstly, I never wanted to watch Whiplash. The minute I saw the trailer in the theatre earlier this year, I nearly vomited. Here it is:

However, I have a friend- let’s call him “Andrew Gaynord” (his bio here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3760083/)- who swore that it was his favourite film of all time (maybe because the main character’s name was Andrew too, and Gaynord likes cute coincidences like that). I politely told him he was a fucking idiot, and that I could predict the plot of the dumb film based purely on the trailer, much like “The Kings Speech” (A king has a stutter and then he overcomes it to make a good speech, right?). Andrew vehemently disagreed though, and as he’s a friend whose tastes mostly align with my own, I thought I’d watch it simply so I could have a genuine debate with him about why the film blows…

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