what blogging is all about

blogging is like being paid for writing your own diary online it is both a fun and healthy way of penitently earning income online. it comes with such great joy to have the growing number of audience every day like you could start with an average of two people per day and end up with hundreds or even thousands of people zooming in on your blog

all you need is to keep it real and simple then when people like you what you do then you have hit the jack pot you have to be nothing but yourself talk what you like say what people think its just like speaking to the whole world and leaving you voice on air to be heard long after you are gone and while other diaries remain secret this one can be read by millions and steal be commented on.

it gives you the chance for self expression and at the same time it is a business to earn from which can be done by any one of any age from any part of the globe. it is a hobby that you can earn from and substitute career that can help you extra money .it is advised for university students to blog it could be as a way of clearing up our stresses but also swelling up our pockets.

the are many categories to choose from and the sky is the limit you could talk about your Favorited lipstick songs wine make it a fan page anything really. although it  has been said that it goes easy with the journalist any who is passionate can manage to survive and thrive.

it has been shown that according to research the ads do pay and help in making profit it is more paying than the views but any way viewers are important because their clicks on the ads is what really counts of all web host i think word press is  efficient as it provide unique and comprehensive features even for free domains.

i wish you all happy holidays!!!!


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