10 tips for business success (the right attitude can give you an edge over the competition.

these ten attitude attributes can help you put  in the right mind set  for achieving entrepreneurial success

have passion for your business

work should be fun! your passion will help you overcome difficult moments, which you will inevitably face . being excited will also inspire others to to want to work  with and for you . passion can’t be taught when it wanes as surely in the difficult times take some quite time . whether be it for an hour or a week . retreat form the daily grid and e valuate all the reasons why you like being your own boss. that should renew your passion.

set an example of trust worthiness

individual leadership traits matters employees and business partners will put their confidence in you and will be motivated to work for you in culture of integrity. customers will also be drawn to you if they feel they can trust you.

be flexible , except with  core values

it’s a given that your plans and strategies will change as time goes on. this flexibility and capacity to adapt to business environment is an inherit advantage  of small over large business . however no matter how strong the pressure  for immediate profit is  do not compromise on core values. if you do you will risk  long term damage to your business.

don’t  let the fear of failure hold you back 

failure is inevitable and is an inevitable opportunity to learn. all  things being equal venture capitalists would rather invest money in individual who tried and failed to found a company than to someone who never tried.

make timely decision 

detailed planning and thoughts are good. but constant procrastination can lead to missed opportunities . in business when time sensitive decisions must be made . trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to use your intuition .

remember you are the major company asset 

take care of your self . your health is more valuable than the most expensive machinery or computer soft ware for the company . you don’t   have to choose between your family and the company balance is the key. maintaining your health and keeping your energy levels up . will enhance your mental outlook and your job performance.

keep your ego under control 

don’t  take profits and spend them on expensive toys to impress others . instead use any extra fund to build up savings for when unexpected needs and opportunities come along. keep your ego in check also means being ready to listen and seriously consider other’s ideas and suggestions no matter how crazy they may sound.

encourage and accept criticism graciously

admit your mistakes you need to constantly work on convincing  your employees that it’s important and OK for them to state their honest opinion even if it once or putting it in a mission statement  won’t cut it for most people.

maintain a strong work ethics 

your employees will follow your lead if they are challenged to step up. consistently working hard will also help you beat  your competition  by out working them, particularly when your product or service is similar.

have faith 

it sounds simple but ultimately if you believe in yourself and believe i your company , you will be successful . your confidence will spread to your employees , customers,  stakeholders, suppliers and everyone you deal with.

starting and running a business can be both rewarding and challenging . success requires focus , discipline and perseverance, as well long term focus. above all maintaining a positive attitude will set you apart from your competitors and inspire  those with  to bring you success you never dreamed was possible. Continue reading